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Thai Cuisine and Thai Food Delivered Directly to Your Home

At Tack Thai Food, explore a vast selection of authentic Thai delicacies and a curated range of Thai and Central Asian groceries, all sourced for their quality and flavour.

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Discover the Essence of Thai Cuisine with Our Extensive Range of Authentic Ingredients, Ready Meals, and More

Embark on a culinary journey with Tack Thai Food, where the vibrant flavours of Thailand are just a click away. Our commitment to bringing you the freshest Thai produce and groceries has made us the go-to destination for Thai food enthusiasts across the UK. From succulent fruits and vegetables flown in directly from Thailand to a wide selection of frozen delights, we ensure that the essence of Thai cuisine is accessible to all.

Our story began in May 2015, initiated by the revered monks from Wat Prasin Runcorn, with a vision to share the rich tapestry of Thai flavours with the UK. Located in Wrexham, our store is not just a marketplace but a hub for Thai food lovers, offering everything from staple ingredients to exotic treats. Whether you're craving the heat of Thai chilli or the comfort of a ready meal, our diverse range caters to all your Thai food needs.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous selection process, ensuring that each product, be it a fragrant spice or a refreshing Thai drink, meets our high standards of quality and authenticity. Our frozen foods section is a testament to our dedication to variety and quality, offering everything from seafood delights to traditional Thai desserts.

Understanding the rhythm of Thai cuisine, we ensure that our fresh produce arrives twice weekly, maintaining the highest degree of freshness. For those who relish the joy of cooking, our array of sauces, pastes, and seasonings provide the perfect foundation for your culinary creations. And for the days when time is of the essence, our ready meals are a convenient yet delicious alternative.

At Tack Thai Food, we're more than just a supermarket; we're a community. We welcome trade inquiries and offer free delivery on orders over £100, making it easier for restaurants and enthusiasts alike to stock up on essential Thai ingredients. Our commitment extends beyond sales; we're dedicated to providing a slice of Thailand right to your doorstep, with care and convenience at the core of our service.

Explore our extensive range online and experience the convenience of having the best of Thai cuisine delivered directly to your home. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the serene landscapes of Chiang Mai, let Tack Thai Food be your gateway to the authentic tastes of Thailand.

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